Birthdays & Special Occasions at This AFR

We would like to wish Chris and Leo a very Happy Birthday, not forgetting Peter who is turning the BIG ’40’. Here is hoping you both enjoy a fantastic birthday celebration.

As a lot of our clients already know, Natalia is expecting her first Bambino, and we are all extremely excited for her. All the best Natalia. We know you are going to be an awesome Mum

Some of the This is AFR staff out at and about on a social in London

Ride 100 Essex

Alex completed the virtual marathon this year

(So you can guess Alex likes cycling and running ☺️)

Chase the sun cycle race. It is from one side of the country to the other. Had to be completed between sunrise and sunset!

August 2023. Alex and friend complete the M25 orbital cycle. Nearly 160 miles completed in under 13 hours (moving time 9:56 hours)